In March we celebrated our last month at WeWork/General Assembly and listened as our favorite lifestyle coach and man about town Dillan DiGiovanni gave us some much needed motivation. For years Dillan has been spreading a message of self-love and acceptance to help others grow and find clarity. So it was only fitting that he gave the audience a breakdown on change, and how we can stop getting in the way of it. For those of us who hate “the process”, Dillan is the spirit guide/Beyonce we want on our side: who knows when to hand-hold, when to real talk, and when to show his crocus tattoo. 

Dillan’s journey is an inspiration - one that the CreativeMornings community will continue to draw from. And because we love to spoil you, here’s EVEN MORE wisdom from DD, to help you live long and prosper:

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about you?
​That I’m perfectly imperfect. I’ve learned many things about good health habits and how to change your life and how to be a better person but I do them all irregularly and imperfectly. I sometimes say unkind things. I’ve had dark thoughts. I’m insecure and confident in equal amounts. I eat less sugar than I used to but more than I should. I both crave and fear being loved for who I am. Ultimately, I’m just a regular person who has a lot of wisdom and tools and I learn more every day how much work I still have ahead of me. But that’s what life is for! To learn and practice. Rinse and repeat.

What is your advice for someone who feels stuck - in their career, or in their relationship or in their body?
​My advice is to get honest with yourself. People usually feel stuck because they are more worried how other people will respond to a choice they make–whether it’s a job change or coming out or shaving their head. We live within these limits we set based on fear and it’s all unnecessary. Think big. Live outside the lines. Trust your instincts. Make choices that serve you, but with kindness and respect for others. Start with small steps and specific actions that get instant results because you will be more motivated to keep going. Don’t try to fix all the things at once or plan too far out ahead. And the source of all of this is taking impeccable care of yourself with healthy habits because when you feel REALLY GOOD physically and emotionally, you feel like you can do literally anything.

As a lifestyle coach, how do you balance listening and sharing? How can one learn to be a better listener? (Asking for a friend)
​This is a great question. It IS a constant balance and I always need more practice!! What works well is to make listening my default and asking if sharing would actually help the person who’s talking. We interject from habit but it’s not always useful. Asking if someone just wants to be heard or if they actually want or need advice helps you offer something truly useful and they will be much more open to receiving it. ​Listening is a gift you give but you also get SO MUCH from it, because it’s such an intimate experience of real connection. It’s available to all of us if we just get out of our heads and self-preoccupation and really get curious about what other people are dealing with. ​Learning to be a better listener starts with listening to ourselves better. What we need and want, how we feel, what we think. When we learn to create that space for ourselves, it’s easier to make room for other people and truly listen to them.

Is life all green smoothies? Do we need to love kale to find inner peace?
No. Life is all coffee and bacon and donuts. haha. ​I don’t think we
need to love kale but it certainly helps ME find inner peace. Dark, leafy greens of any variety cleanse our blood and our gut and make us look and feel healthier from the inside out: Less bellyaches and headaches, fewer mood swings, clear, shining skin. If that doesn’t create inner peace, I don’t know what does.

Do you have a pump-up playlist? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S ON IT!
​Yaaaaaas! This is my current running/biking mix and I listen to it on the regular:


*(1812 Overture is not a joke - the last 3 minutes of this piece KICKS MAJOR ASS! It makes me cry every time I listen to it)​


You can keep up with Dillan on Twitter and Instagram, as well as his website.

Photo courtesy of The Danger Booth