Rena Barraclough

What’s your day job?
Communications Lead for BCforward. Currently under contract at a 140 year old global pharmaceutical company. 

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
French toast, lots of sugar-free syrup (cut calories where you can)

Where would you stop on a free afternoon in Indy?
Mass Ave.

What’s something you’ve been inspired by lately?
The Bible inspires me every day and I love how inspired I am during springtime in Indiana.

In the spirit of March’s theme Change, what is the most recent change you’ve experienced in your professional life?
The most recent change I’ve experienced in my professional life was being assigned to a new role in my contract position. Originally, the role in which I served morphed into a more technical than creative role.  I was like a fish out of water and am thankful I will now be focusing more on creative communication.  Happy Girl!

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