On March 25th, bright and early, Indianapolis heard from Michael Bricker of People For Urban Progress on this month’s topic of change.

This month, we saw a lot of new faces, which we L O V E. Bring your friends and tell them it’s okay to miss a few hours of work on Friday morning once a month- we love seeing this #CMIndy family grow. 

We were hosted at the beautiful Grand Hall at Union Station, which we learned was the perfect location for a talk about “change.” The Grand Hall has been many things in its time; a railroad station, a marketplace, an event space, a restaurant. What better way to accentuate Indy’s ability to handle change than to be hosted in a historically repurposed facility? We <3 you, Union Station.

With a crazy good breakfast (parfaits and donuts and green juice!? yes, please) from our partners at Yelp Indy and Market District Carmel, we were fueled to hear what the founder of PUP had to say about Indianapolis and Change. 


The difference between forced change and planned change can seem exponentially different but in the end, they both yield progress. So embrace them both. Focus yields progress, and progress yields focus.

“To make change you have to leave the room. You have to stand up, walk out, and make it happen. Force it or plan for it, it doesn’t matter - you have to climb the stairs. Progress doesn’t happen inside behind a computer, no one’s telling stories about how great their email is.” PUP’s work exists in the physical world- meaningful products, upcycling, repurposing, and creating new projects throughout the city. Their work embodies the idea that “we should think of ourselves as citizens, not consumers.”

“Idea does not equal impact. If you want to make change, you have to start with action.” In Indy, it can be hard to get caught up in the idea of things without taking action. Michael reminded us just how important it is to dedicate your time and resources to ideas that you truly believe can come to life, and stick with that. Ideas are great, but action is greater. 

Always be looking forward, and embrace those changes that are thrown (or handed) to you as opportunities. “And I now believe it takes just two people to change the world: Someone to ask ‘Do you think this is crazy?’ and someone to say ‘Yes, let’s keep going.’”

Keep going, Indy, and until next month,


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