Ottawa’s second annual (and Gatineau’s first!) Nuit Blanche came and went with a big, wet bang. Huge congrats to all the incredible contributions around the city, the valiant organizers, and the brave determined souls who made the night what it was - another chapter in our city’s creative awakening.

Among the many incredible artists, some personal faves included Lori Victor’s “How Would Mary Feel?" at the Rectory House, and of course Christopher Griffin’s Super Nova.

Creative Mornings got up to a little ruckus of our own with a “Colouring Book Party for the all Grown’d Up.” The event brought together some of Ottawa’s finest illustrators and their work, while people dropped by and helped decorate them with crayons and an encouraging dose of Hoity Toity Cellars Cider.

As you can imagine, the results were mayhem, and many thanks are in order.

Wallack’s hooked up the colourful, waxy goodness. The Drink was more than hospitable, and Hoity Toity was stunningly generous in making sure everyone had the necessary inspirational fuel. If you get a chance to check out their ciders, do it. Ciders are coming, and these guys will be leading the charge from Bruce County, Ontario.