… a brief talk with Yashar Moradbakhti, CEO of Lingio an app with the ambition to reinvent language learning, and key speaker at Creative Mornings Sthlm on February 26th.

What is language to you?

Well, obviously language is what helps us communicate, to understand each other in an everyday context. But I think that it is deeper than that, I think that when you are learning another language you start to appreciate that culture more. Discovering languages makes us grow as persons.

I know what you mean, its been said that learning languages benefits everything from resistance to Alzheimers to emotional intelligence, what’s your take on that?

I totally agree. Learning a second or third or 39th language is like cross fit for the brain, it helps us become smarter, happier and more accepting as people. It literally lifts us up.  

Speaking of altruism, Lingio recently added some new features aimed to help refugees learn the language quicker; can you tell us about it?

Sure, as I said before I think that learning the language is the key to any culture, and we just felt that we had a really great tool that could help people in very vulnerable situation. We wanted to support refugees in learning the local language of their new adopted country. So we added a chat function and Arabic and soon we’ll add Farsi too. I think our approach in the app makes it easy to start learning, and as soon as you’ve begun learning the language it’s easier to understand people, culture etc. It’s an upward spiral, its positive for everyone!

Inspiring stuff! And what will you talk about on Friday?

I’ll talk about the linguistic journey of mankind. And how language is essential to understanding culture and ourselves – how we are all global citizens. We just have to realise it.