On Friday Feb 26th, we’re returning with Venice Williams, Executive Director of Alice’s Garden, who will be speaking on “Ethics.” Venice will be talking about what we each “bring to the table.” Below, we asked a few questions to get to know her better. 

What do you typically eat for breakfast? During the week, half a yam, and a bowl of oatmeal, or TOTAL Raisin Bran and a boiled egg. Always a cup of herbal tea and/or a glass of cranberry juice. On weekends, anything goes!

What do people know you for? Growing food, cooking food, sharing food, praying over food! Also for being a connector of people.  And for being spiritually and culturally grounded.

How is Milwaukee special to you? It is where I have “grown” a family. It is where I have “grown” a life-journey of “midwifing” so many projects, ideas, visions. It is where my life-story has been cultivated.

What may people not know about you?  I once was a dancer. Ballet. Jazz. Modern dance. I was pretty good.

What drives your creativity? The ancestors. The unfinished work of the ancestors is the blueprint for my life.

What are you going to talk to us about this month? How we need to create more tables, set more tables, sit at more tables where both the beauty and brokenness of our humanity are welcome.  

Ticket registration opens here on Monday, Feb 22nd, at 11:00AM. See you at the Mobile Design Box on Feb 26th!