In our December 2015 talk, Teva Harrison encouraged the CMTO community to write a letter to their future selves outlining the type of person they want to be, and the type work they want to focus on. Returning to this letter and rereading the aspirations you set out for yourself is an opportunity to check-in on your current trajectory, course correct, and to move forward on your journey.

A journey, that can sometimes seem like it passes by in the blink of an eye. How many times did you hear/think this week “how is it February already?”

Without taking the time to check-in; be it through a self-addressed letter or looking back at what Instagram photo we posted 52 weeks ago (this was ours), it can be difficult to quantify just how we’ve grown over a set period of time.

The CMTO time capsule is back for its second year, to provide you with just that. A snapshot of your creative self at an exact moment in time.

We’re offering to store your goals, dreams, and aspirations under lock and key for a whole year. When December rolls around we will email you with your answers and you can reflect on how much you have changed over a year.

Whether you end up achieving every goal on your list or if you flipped the proverbial table and started anew mid-2016, the CMTO time capsule is a way to look back at how far you’ve come (no matter how winding the road).

So go ahead, share your deepest desires (and your snack food/favourite jam of the moment, this is ours) and go give 2016 your all. We’ll check back in approximately 45 weeks.

Submit to the CMTO time capsule!