About time
… a brief talk with Jens Lanvin, Head of trend & future research, Ipsos and key speaker at Creative Mornings Sthlm on January 29th.

What is time to you?

Time defines everything we know. It defines life itself. But time is different in different settings and to different people. Since the industrial revolution time has equalled efficiency, how much work you are able to squeeze in to a certain amount of time. But I think that is about to change. We add new variables to time. What time is to me? Like Einstein concluded: It’s relative.

Is the definition of time is changing?

I wouldn’t say that the definition is changing. It’s still the measure of a certain period, divided in to minutes, hours, years etc. But our way of appreciating it is changing. We don’t just look at it from a how-much-will-I-be-able-to-squeeze-in perspective but instead ask what will I get out of it? Look for example at some of the most popular app-store apps. They basically measure time but they also add something – engagement in some way. I guess it boils down to the old saying that time in itself is nothing, but what you do with it is everything.

What is your best advice regarding time?

Live in the moment!