On Friday Dec 18th, we’re returning with Ferne Caulker Bronson, founder of Milwaukee’s internationally renowned Ko-Thi Dance Company, who will be speaking on “Time.” Ferne will be talking about how cultures imagine and perceive time. Below we asked a few questions to get to better know her.

1) What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Depending on what I have to do that day, I eat a small steak, or eggs. Loads of protein. Do not drink coffee or any sugared drinks. Mostly tea - ginger.

2) What do people know you for?
I am know for African dance - Ko-Thi Dance Company, (Founder 1969) and professor at UWM, Dance Department, (started 1971).

3) How is Milwaukee special to you?
It is where I built a career in African dance, married, raised my daughter and where my family settled after leaving Sierra Leone, West Africa in the early 1960s.

4) What may people not know about you?
I was born in Africa, Sierra Leone, (spent first 12 years of my life there/Colonial era), studied in England as a teenager. I love animals - live with 3 cats. Love elephants … there is a story behind that when I was a child in Africa. Might talk about it!

5) What drives your creativity?
I am creatively driven by curious minds, committed spirits and open hearted souls - dancers and musicians that I have had the honor to train, teach and perform with …LOVE ARTISTS! Will talk about some of my mentors.

6) What are you going to talk to us about this month?
I am going to talk about TIME. Influences in my life that shaped my beliefs, convictions and creative spirit. I was born with a unique pedigree, Father/African, Mother/ African American & Jamaican … raised in both Africa and United States.  I will reflect on TIME in today’s world from an African American female’s perspective.  Imaging and perceptions.

Ticket registration opens here on Monday, Dec 14th, at 11:00AM. See you on Dec 18th!