Rock, Paper, SHOCK!


Here’s what went down at our October Creative Mornings in order of awesomeness:

  1. Our first speaker duo, Audrey Claire Johnson and Katie Shannon, dishing on their acclaimed web series, the K&A Show
  2. a boss indoor swingset
  3. a cut-throat rock-paper-scissors battle
  4. Keith’s cool YouTube playlists

We invaded Hatch Fenway for the first of three months in their new co-working space. More importantly, we met a lot of new faces and, as usual, ate way too many donuts. For those of you who couldn’t make it, or those who just couldn’t get enough of Audrey & Katie, we’ve got your lunch read on lock. 

How did the two of you meet?
AC: Our planets aligned on my first legit audition in Boston for an original comedy series called “617,” which was created by Katie. I wore a criminally tight James Perse dress, and my strategy was to hoard all the printed scenes in my portfolio so the other auditioners would have less time to prep. Miraculously this worked, and I was asked to come in for a second round of casting, this time with Katie officially back from LA. I wore a fantastically inappropriate bold striped French Connection dress, and apparently did something right because I got the role. Being on such a large set as a lead was like a sweaty dream, and I trusted Katie to direct my unpolished chops into a fully developed character. Over the course of two seasons our working relationship grew, and when she approached me with the idea for “K&A” I screamed yes before she even finished her question. 

KS: My first web series I did was called “617” and I was living in LA at the time when we were casting and had the tapes sent to me. I remember seeing Audrey’s audition and I knew immediately I wanted her for the role. I loved working with her on 617 and when I created K&A, I had not doubt in my mind that I wanted her to play Karly.

Are there any downsides to working with friends?
AC: No. With the restrictions of producing ultra-mega-laughably low budget projects, the personal connection and shared drive to make your work happen is priceless. Over the years working in comedy, you inevitably find your circle of creative types that nourish you. Ideas are flying around like a ball pit, someone’s excited about this sketch, so-and-so’s script is on it’s final draft, do you want to help make it happen? These people are your peers, your friends, and eventually a family of nutters who are trying to make cool shit happen in Boston. 

KS: The quality of the show is so good because you are working with friends. Most of the crew have been working together for over five years now so its just a very comfortable feeling. You are all there for the right reason and that shows in the final product. 


What was the last video you watched on YouTube?
AC: “Balloon Cops” by Human Giant. I was at a bar and brought it up to impress a date with my knowledge of the niches of sketch comedy. My Saturday nights are raging. 

KS: Adele going undercover as an Adele impersonator 

What’s next for the K&A show?
AC: I’m thinking, in this order, national tour, lifestyle brand, bid for office, HUGE scandal, rehab, movie deal, for starters. Real answer is that season 2 is just waiting on funding, we have about 15 episodes written and they are brilliant. Recently we submitted a pitch video for the Project Greenlight Digital Series competition and praying every night to our patron saints Matt and Ben that we get chosen. Also we’re sitting on a finished long format episode that may be used as a crowd funding incentive in the new year, called “Gay Camp” which was made possibly by a grant we won from the iTV Festival in Dover, Vermont. Planning to have new content out there for all our fans and haters very soon! 

KS: We are in the process of editing now an episode called “Gay Camp” which I think it is the best thing we have done to date. We were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the town of Dover in Vermont and we filmed 3 days up there. We are hoping to use this episode to raise money for the rest of season 2 because it is all written and ready to go. 

F*ck, marry, kill: donuts, muffin tops, breakfast tacos - go!
AC: F*ck: donuts. I was born without a sweet tooth, never EVER eat sugary breakfast. To be clear I don’t want to have sex with donuts, I want donuts to go f*ck themselves. Kill: muffin tops. After Thanksgiving which is also my birthday, I double-indulge myself every year. Also, what’s with the sweet food theme?
Marry: Breakfast Tacos! Salty breakfast option, easy to make, cheap to buy. Mine and Breakfast Taco’s wedding would be like Mary Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy’s, with “bowls of cigarettes on every table.” I read that in Vanity Fair about an hour ago and can’t stop laughing.

KS: F*ck: Breakfast: Its like your sloppy one night stand. Kill: Muffin Tops: No one likes a muffin top. Marry: Donut: I could eat a glazed donut every day of my life.

Check out the trailer from their first season, which you can watch in its entirety on their YouTube channel.

We’ll be wrapping up 2015 at Hatch Fenway so be sure to mark your calendars and set your alarms for the next Creative Mornings! And we are always looking for sponsors, venues and speakers - so if you see something, SAY SOMETHING:

Photos courtesy of Dan Powell