We say it often, but it’s because it’s true: CreativeMornings is a powerful engine of generosity. You don’t have to look farther than our volunteers to start understanding what we mean.

Earlier this year, Ben Hallman & Sam Reichman (the same dynamic duo who help bring CMNYC talks to the internet every month) shined a light on Yoko Sakao Ohama, a CMNYC volunteer, as part of our ongoing Close Up series. 

They’re back with another spotlight, this time featuring photographer-writer Wesley Verhoeve. Wesley, a self-described multidisciplinary creative, is another longtime volunteer of CreativeMornings/NewYork whom you’ll often find exploring creative communities across the United States, camera in hand. Be sure to check out his celebrated photography project One of Many, for which he traveled to 12 American cities in order to tell 12 unique stories of the independent creative movement that is reshaping our economy and culture.

Give this a watch! And stay tuned for more Close Ups of incredible members of our local community.