On Friday Nov 20th, we’re returning with Libby and Patrick Castro, the husband and wife team behind LP/w Design Studios, who will be speaking on “Work.” Libby and Patrick will be talking about the real work that goes into designing for clients and designing with each other. Below we asked a few questions to get to better know them both.

1. What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Libby: Pre-workout: egg whites, avocado and tomatoes. Post-workout: egg with kale and veggies (p usually makes something for me and it is always fantastic!)
Patrick: Granola + milk (maybe fruit)

2. What do people know you for?
Libby: People know me for my interiors and connections with people for sure, but I have become the most “known” for my holiday tree made out of Chinese lanterns.
Patrick: Mostly being Libby’s husband, sometimes graphic design.

3. How is Milwaukee special to you?
Libby: Milwaukee has always been home to me even though I grew up in Racine. I took ballet at Milwaukee Ballet from 4th grade through high school and was there most nights of the week. The city lights, tall buildings, elaborate holiday decorations always gave me those positively intimidating butterflies in my stomach, and thus, an urbanite was born.
Patrick: To do what we do for work in the city where we met (San Francisco) would be difficult to say the least. Milwaukee gives us enough so I can do more.

4. What may people not know about you?
Libby (about Patrick): What most people do not know about Patrick is a giant goofball with an wonderful sense of humor that he reserves for just those of us lucky enough to know him well. It often conjures up tears of laughter, snorting and uncontrollable giggles (sometimes and the most inappropriate times).
Patrick (about Libby): You can tell when Libby is cleaning her ears because it yields a very specific cough.

5. What drives your creativity?
Libby: What drives my creativity is my connection to my client. What is important to them becomes the backbone of what we do to their space.
Patrick: Libby’s right. Connection with the client. We have the luxury of choosing the folks we want to help. Each client is selected by us as much as we are selected by them.

6. What are you going to talk to us about this month?

Libby/Patrick: We’re gunna werk it and talk to you about “work”

Registration opens here Monday Nov 16th at 11:00 AM. See you all soon!