Meet the Artists: Meghan Geliza

In October we celebrated our 4th Birthday, and launched a series of art prints inspired by the wise words of a few of our past CreativeMorning/AKL speakers. A selection of talented artists & designers from our community have taken these quotes and crafted a stunning collection of art prints.

Over the next few weeks we’re introducing you to these talented individuals, and pointing you to the talks from which they gained their inspiration. 

This week: the magical Meghan Geliza

For our SHOCKtober exhibition Meghan took the words of Illustrator Dylan Horrocks, who spoke to the theme of Ink in March 2015. Watch the talk that inspired this poster here!

“When we make art, the landscape that we are really exploring is the landscape of the human imagination.” by Meghan Geliza.

Meghan Geliza’s Pop Surreal paintings are of worlds swirling in explosive colour, of the metaphysical and the whimsical. Her work references nature, sacred geometry and recurring patterns in the universe, to comment on our inherent connection with everything. Her work can be seen from collectors’ walls in Germany, to upcoming shows in London and LA and  has manifested as large scale panel paintings, skate decks, jewellery, murals and projections on live theatre and performance.


We spent five minutes digging into what makes Meghan tick....

Who are you?
Meghan Geliza / Pop Surreal painter and creator and doer of things at Curative. Also a long time yoga devotee and currently weirdly addicted to Japanese curry!

What gets you up in the morning?
Morning snuggles, quick yoga stretches and the smell of tea. When I can, I love waking up really early before the sun rises and catching that quiet hour to meditate and do a few scribbles or sketches. A lot of the time though, I’m a slow waker and takes me 20 mins to get out of bed after the alarm has gone on. So I’m either really zen in the morning, or really frazzled!

Explain what you do in five words or less…
Maker of things ideas explorer

What’s a surprising fact about you?
I’m a closet hippie! I love exploring the mysteries, things about the nature of the mind, humanity and our existence, and our connection to anything and everything. I love the crossover of quantum physics and buddhism/yoga principles. I think the rise of science and humanism in our civilisation is great and is essential, to counter thousands of years of religious oppression and superstition. However, I personally believe we need a balance of rational thinking and openness to spirituality, if only at least, to see our planet as more than just an inanimate thing and more as a being we can respect and care for. So at least, we can engage with our capacities as makers and not just be passive consumers. So at least, we can relax a bit as rational people and not battle with our minds all the time.

Tell us about your creative community:
I feel lucky everyday to be surrounded by really inspiring, kick ass, generous and brilliant minds who are so engaged with their life and life’s work. My Curative family, my painter/street artist friends from around the world, my yoga friends and my family are all doing really cool things that are always inspiring to me.

I also collect mentors, dead and alive. To me, their works, sitting somewhere in the ether in book, article, painting, podcast, or photo form are my teachers.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?
Fear is the disempowering use of the imagination.

Who would you love to hear speak, alive or dead?
Molly Crabapple is one of my heroes. She’s a brilliant artist / writer / activist from New York who creates beautifully feminine but deeply subversive work that responds to everyday injustices in our society. She’s such a power femme. She went to Guantanamo Bay to see first hand what it’s like. She was active during the Occupy Wall Street days. And she did a solo exhibit on the financial troubles of 2011, then used Kickstarter to fund it, so the show is truly by the people, not by the wealthy gatekeepers she was commenting on.

For someone dead, I would love to meet Josephine Baker.

When you get stuck creatively, what is the first thing you do to get unstuck?  
I look at my favourite paintings. It always works in expanding my mind beyond my little stuck head.


What’s your Secret Superpower?
I can usually replicate dishes by taste. It’s a fun game I used to play with my mom, as she was the one who taught me this skill. Cooking is one of my favourite things to do in the world :)

What’s the most recent thing you learned?
I just learned of Blackalicious’ Blazing Arrow album!

Also, the difference between martyr energy and trickster energy, and how susceptible creatives are to the former, when really, all creativity ultimately comes from that trickster, jester, playful place. It’s just our minds adding the drama and the unnecessary suffering sometimes as a badge of honour.

What shocks you the most about the creative process?
That you can create something from absolutely nothing. Like, something is in your head and then suddenly, it’s a thing. I love that about the creative process.

Find Meghan on Twitter, Instagram or at her website.

Meghan’s print is available for purchase from Endemic World. By buying this print you’ll be supporting CreativeMornings/AKL, helping us to continue providing you with breakfast and inspiration. Plus you’ll get a rad piece of art for your wall! Chur.