Although there are many ways to understand empathy, most would agree that it is the rooted in the ability to understand and share the feelings of another individual. Last week, Antonio García, a strategist and storyteller, graced the stage to share some lessons learned on the intersection of empathy and design in his work at Firebelly and gravitytank. Antonio is firm believer in challenging oneself to be open to other individual’s perspectives. He recognizes that “empathy is an act of vulnerability” within itself. Go forth and explore some of the #CMTakeaways that were captured below!

Next up: Lifelong nomad, artist and scholar, Rashayla Marie Brown will be bringing her perspective to our Shock series on Friday, October 16th. Rashayla’s multi-disciplanary work work exploits the role of the artist as both an agent and an object of desire. This is a morning of creativity you definitely won’t want to miss. See you in a couple of weeks!

Double high five + the crisp air of fall!