While working on some of her food-projects, Titi Laflora again and again became aware of sounds, that were created by her cooking. She got to know the musician KEINKEIN, who produced most of his sounds out of samples. The idea for KitchenSoundPerformance was born, when Fräulein Terpsi joined their team. 

In August they performed at our very own CreativeMornings Vienna, in a session full of new experiences, a lot of good food and a great community.

Every month we motivate our community to tell us what they’re up to, if they need help on a certain project or are looking for someone to collaborate, by holding a lightning pitch. 

This month, we had Lilo Krebernik from ADhocPAD together with artist & designer Matt Jones presenting the Plastic Surgery:

as well as Kathrin Folkendt presenting her project about Austrian's female startup scene 12percent

Our monthly magazine, which features an illustrator, a quote by our friends the Typejockeys, an interview and essay and presents our team as well as the community will be online shortly!

Thanks everyone for joining us and thanks to our sponsors FRIYA, Julius Meinl Kaffee, MuellerGartner for the breakfast and 86/60 for the location!

Post written by Alice Katter, social media & community architect at CreativeMornings Vienna