The CreativeMornings community is all about doing. Making, learning, loving, innovating, creating, sharing, living — each its own form of action. Action manifests itself in practices like urban planning, interactive design, filmmaking, choreography, and on the list goes, ever inspiring us to get up and do something.

This week, CreativeMornings Jakarta presents Ayi.

Kushandari Arfanidewi, nicknamed Ayi, has a lot of passions. She studied architecture—her first love—in college, worked as a property consultant, loves music and was once being in a band.

However, it was her enthusiasm in cooking and her concern about holistic health that made her well known. On February 2004, Ayi launched her own healthy food catering and popularized it mainly through Instagram with the hashtag #ayshealthyascanbe, which eventually became her catering’s brand.

Ayi’s vision is to provide creative and fun healthy food that makes everyone happy. She aims to debunk the ‘scary’ and ‘boring’ image of healthy living, and her motto is ‘being healthy is as easy as ABC, 123’

On this week’s session, Ayi will share her story about her actions over the last decade in creating things based on her passions.

“My life is a salad of experiments with a sweet dressing called ‘risk’. My mother always said I’m an artist creating her art, not an architect, chef, nor a businesswoman.”

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