Still in the spirit of July’s theme Collaborate, we asked our volunteers: what is your favourite Collaboration?

Ramandra Yudistira "How awesome would it be to study in high-tech, advanced classrooms that uses collaborative technologies such as these"?

Chalafabia Haris "My favourite collaboration work is this web-series word association videos called One Word, which involves different individuals aged 5 to 50, made by Cut Video. It really catches my attention in term of seeing how age affects each mindset and their micro-expression. Definitely worth checking out!"

Rofianisa Nurdin "My favourite is the collaboration between Aan Mansyur (writer, poet) and EmTe (watercolor artist/illustrator). I love how both prose and painting speak in same ‘tone’"

"Another one is a collaboration between Yayi, the ex-vocalist of Bandung’s indie band Baby Eats Crackers, and Sigit, the guitarist of Tigapagi. They make covers of indie songs, adding touches of ethnic and folk technique, therefore changing the vibe of the original song and bringing it to the next level!"