Revolutions aren’t strangers to the creative community. We’re a community that breaks rules, challenges stereotypes, and makes change. We care deeply about the cities we live in and fight passionately for our convictions. – CreativeMornings HQ

In June, chapters around the world explored the theme of Revolution, including Jakarta. However, this time around, CreativeMornings Jakarta did something a bit different. Aside from the speaker, we also challenged our audience to take the stage for 5 minutes and speak up about their own revolutionary ideas, experiences, or stories that they think could change the rest of the audience’s perspective.

We named this session Audience Takes The Stage: The Revolution Starts Within.

But first, meet our speaker, Ayu Meutia.

23 years ago. Ayu was just a crying baby latching onto her stuffed Tweety bird. Today, she is a Head Copywriter at PT. Percolate Galactic. Her day job is “to make sure the clients are happy with lines she carefully crafts and delivers.”

But Ayu believes there are more to life. Since she was a little, Ayu has been exposed to poetry and she immediately fell in love with it. Yet, she did not produce any poems until 2013. That year, Ayu finally started gracing poetry stages and pages in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she went to college. She wrote and performed spokenword poetries under the wings of Senorita, female writers group based in Kuala Lumpur.

After going back to Indonesia for good, Ayu worked as a copywriter and editor in various multinational agencies while still honing her poem-writing skills. Back in April, she co-organized Unmasked, an open mic night held in Kemang.

Ayu’s mission as a poet is to “cheer anyone who needs to be cheered by her storytelling and spokenword” and also to meet more minds alike.

However, Ayu also keeps herself very humble. In fact, she was (unnecessarily) not very confident when we first invited her.

“[I’m] just a spokenword enthusiast, who happened to be recently holding an open mic night “Unmasked” together with Putri Minangsari which featured other poets. Other than that, [I am] a plain copywriter. As for Jakarta, [I have only] been [here] for 10 months! Well, that’s my brutal honesty, guys.

However, I guess, [there’s no harm in doing this], so I said yes to [Rofianisa’s invitation], because the theme was Revolution and speakers were allowed to be vulnerable and share their personal opinion about it…” Ayu wrote in her blog.

For June’s event, Emiralda took Rofianisa’s seat as the host for the day and sat alongside Ayu.

Ayu began the session by talking about how poetry becomes the tool for her revolutions. She also performed a spokenword piece on stage called 5 Things I Know About Revolution.

Ayu’s performance resulted snaps, claps, and many curious questions from audience who just heard it the first time. Snaps? Oh yeah, for spoken-word poems, audience snaps their fingers everytime they heard a line they like, instead of clapping. It was amazingly dynamic.

Then the audience took the stage. The first was Matthew Johnson from Las Vegas, who—with his cousin Amanda Johnson—was in Jakarta as part of their four months trip around South East Asia. He told the audience how the trip changed him, and what revolutionary acts he might do soon after he’s back home.

The second audience who took the stage was Dayang Melati, who seemed to have the public speaking genes running hard in her blood and took the term “take the stage” quite seriously! Dayang shared her revolutionary stories of being an Indonesian student abroad, and how she took courage to move out from her comfort zone and became more contributing to her surrounding.

A regular on both’s and CreativeMornings Jakarta’s events, @adiwaniw was the last audience who took our stage. She translated Chairil Anwar’s poem Aku—one of Indonesia’s canonical poem, which also happens to be the most rebellious—from Bahasa Indonesia into English for our diverse audience.

Our host for the day, Emiralda, closed up the session with her own revolutionary story of quitting the corporate life after 11 years and 7 months working in the same company. Check out her daily stories on #ENVohwatayear! She’s also hosting @nulisbuku, which is currently one of our awesome partners.

So that’s a wrap for our June edition, Audience Takes The Stage: The Revolution Starts Within. We thank everyone involved, especially our wonderful speaker, Ayu Meutia, for bringing such joy to our morning session. Until July!