“They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself.”
~Andy Warhol

As usual, this month’s global CreativeMornings theme is a thought-provoking one. REVOLUTION can be a powerful or heroic word that may initially evoke thoughts of rebellion and militant movements from the past. 

Hopefully for most of us, the word has evolved to represent CHANGE minus the violence. Despite the fact that we often fear change and associate it with negative results, it’s the only constant in life (and I’m convinced that change is almost always a good thing). I also think it’s safe to say that most of us feel passionate about something that we feel needs to change, evolve, or improve.

I’ve done a great deal of reflecting about my own personal revolution(s) this month. That led me to wonder what some of our past speakers and MTLCM members would say about their personal revolutions or the causes that they strongly support. So I simply asked them the question.

So… what’s your personal revolution?

— Stefano Di Lollo is a designer and CreativeMornings/Montréal's Art Director

Justin Kingsley is a freelance Creative Strategist. He spoke about #HUMILITY at CreativeMornings/Montréal in April 2015.

Laurence Nerbonne is a painter and a signer-songwriter. She spoke about #UGLY at CreativeMornings/Montréal in January 2015.

Jonathan Bélisle is an interactions poet, partner at SAGA and creator of Wuxia the Fox. He spoke about #CHANCE at CreativeMornings/Montréal in November 2014.

Heidi Taillefer is a painter. She spoke about #COLOR at CreativeMornings/Montréal in September 2014.

Louis-Félix Binette is the owner and co-founder of f. & co. He is host of CreativeMornings/Montréal since February 2015.

Steve Bissonnette is Managing Partner at Plank. He was host of CreativeMornings/Montréal from May 2013 to February 2015.