Spotlight: Michaela M. Powell, CMNSH Photographer

You likely know that CreativeMornings/Nashville is an all-volunteer endeavor, and that we rely on a team of dedicated, perennially-positive morning people to make the magic happen each month. 

Now we’d love for you to also get to know our volunteers. First up, meet Michaela M. Powell, our Event Photographer extraordinaire. 

Most days, you will find Michaela at one of our favorite spots, The Skillery, where she works as a concierge lending support to fellow creatives and entrepreneurs. She is also a creative assistant, freelance photographer, baker of breads and other treats through her company Goose Lemon, and an experimental doodler with Dr. Terror Art Therapy

CMNSH - How long have you been living/working in the Nashville-area? How does our community impact you or your work?

Michaela - I have been involved in the Nashville community since 2010, but have lived here since 2012. Surrounding myself with other creatives keeps me accountable on the work I am making. If I see my friends burnin’ that midnight oil on their side projects, it’s a small kick in the pants for me to pick my camera back up, keep the water colors out and make stuff.

CMNSH - What unexpected twists have you experienced in your career so far?

MichaelaHa! There are always twists. I think all things that have happened to me in my career for the past 5 years have lead to the next thing. I can say, all have prepared me for the next leap.  I went from being a full-time graphic designer in Texas to loading my car and moving to Nashville to attend a show at the Ryman (The Civil Wars). I actually ended up working for a doggie bakery (See Spot Eat) and ice cream shop (Pied Piper Creamery) for about six months while pursuing Photography Assisting. During that time I accepted a job offer with Hatch Show Print.  After I left Hatch I worked for another company and they fired me, that was something I didn’t see coming.  However, it allowed me to really consider what I wanted to offer a company and what type of work I wanted to be doing. I decided to label myself a Creative Assistant, because I enjoy working with creatives and making sure they have all they need to stay focused on the work they are creating. Shortly after I did this, I found a job which was exactly what I wanted and they happened to want me to trailblaze an idea of a position for their space (The Skillery). 

CMNSH - What keeps you inspired? How do you get yourself out of a creative slump or block?

Michaela What keeps me inspired? A lot of things. My own story is always a great place to start. I write for myself, it’s something I have been doing for a handful of years. Whenever I don’t feel creative I refer back to what experiences I have lived through and remind myself this, whatever ‘this’ is, will work out with time.

BONUS ROUND - What’s your favorite animated gif?

Michaela - I dream of dressing like a tap dancing bumble bee when listening to No Rain by Blind Melon

You can learn more about Michaela M. Powell on her web site (, or by following her on Instagram. Interview by designer + infographer Angela Gasparetti.