For those (not) about to shave, we salute you

Beardition is an all natural(ly) awesome men’s beard + grooming products company here in Nashville, as well as one of our repeat partners! 

The company itself was born both out of need and a passion to create. In early 2012, Mark Williams (local financial analyst + company CEO) came back from a month long hike on the Appalachian Trail only to start developing his own beard grooming products, needing to keep his newly fuzzed face in check. 

A pitch to his designer neighbor (co-owner + chief creative lady, Kristin Schleihs) to brand the company, and it was a go. Today, Beardition proudly offers men the finest in 100% all natural grooming products, specifically targeting the bearded fellas but not discriminating against the not-so-fully-bearded, or clean shaven. Giddy up + beard on, friends.

[CMNSH] Since Nashville is Music City, what’s your go to playlist or podcast to listen to while you work?

[Kristin] Podcast: Nerdist + WTF  |  Playlist: 90s jams

[Mark] Podcast: Dan Patrick Show  |  Playlist: Blackberry Smoke

[CMNSH] How long have you been living / working in the Nashville-area? How does our community impact you or your work?

[Mark] Ventured over from Dallas 8 years ago.

[Kristin] Migrated down from Wisconsin nearly 10 years ago. Nashville was the perfect place for us to launch a business of our type. Not only is our target market here (cool, bearded fellas) but it is also a phenomenal time to be a small business owner here. With the explosion of creative entrepreneurs in Nashville, the love for local and the shared passion to create something worthwhile, we’re driven each and every day to connect with more and more awesome people. For me, being a member of The Skillery this past year (co-working space) and helping organize our local CreativeMornings chapter has completely changed the way I work, not to mention helped me get our brand out there… and love our city even more.

[CMNSH] What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would your dream project be?

[Mark] I’ve been on the financial side of the healthcare industry my entire career, so running the business side of my own company is my passion. Though my day job is still in the corporate world, we hope to grow Beardition to the point of it supporting us both full time and beyond. Dream project? Hmmm… I may turn into a serial entrepreneur, so we’ll see what comes next!

[Kristin] This company has no doubt been my favorite project thus far, with CreativeMornings a close second. I’ve worked at a few corporate design jobs, but being my own boss and working out of a co-working space really seems to suit me best. I still do freelance design as my day job, but it’s pretty cool to get to watch a company you’ve created grow, and see people interact with your products. I really love having an outlet to be able to add an extra bit of happy to our followers/customers everyday lives. Dream project? Maybe create a sister brand to Beardition… for the ladies! 

[CMNSH] What are you most excited to share right now?

  1. We’re gearing up for our first time being a vendor at Porter Flea this weekend! We’ll be in the new Porter Parlour. Come by and say hey… we love high fives.
  2. We just packed up a few boxes of our beard oil to share in the nominee/performer gift bags for the CMT Awards happening next week here in Nashville. We love any fun ways to help enhance the beardliness of our fine city.

BONUS ROUND - What’s your favorite animated gif?

(Top: Kristin's fav; Bottom: Mark's fav).

You can learn more about Beardition on their web site (, or by following them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Interview by designer + infographer Angela Gasparetti.