This Friday May 22nd we’re excited to return with Frankie Flood who will be speaking on the global theme of “Robot.” Frankie will be weaving together his personal story and love of industrial fabrication as he speaks on DIY ethos and the power of digital craft to impact local and global communities.

Below, we asked Frankie six questions to better get to know him.


What do you typically eat for breakfast?

A bagel.

What do people know you for?

Teaching and making: studio scale manufacturing. 3D printed hands and motorcycle inspired pizza cutters.

How is Milwaukee special to you?

The people and spirit of Milwaukee. It’s had a historic role as a sort of “toolbox of the world.”

What may people not know about you?

I restore vintage German and Spanish motorcycles and love “wrenching" as much as I love riding.

What drives your creativity?

Learning something new and helping someone at the same time.

What are you going to talk to us about this month?

The DIY mentality and the power of process, material, and technology to make custom solutions that can impact local and global communities.


Grab a spot here and we’ll see you Friday!