Recap: April / Humility with Jordan Bellamy, WELD

April’s theme was HUMILITY

Before Jordan Bellamy of WELD began his talk, CreativeMornings/Nashville started the party off by giving away a copy of Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome. If you missed it, catch Brad Montague’s November/Chance talk online.

We also held our first round of 30 second pitches. Our pitchers were Allan Redd, who was looking for a designer for Pencil & Paper Creative Development Co., and Angela Wiggins of Earnest Journey, who introduced us all to her career and leadership coaching. We’re happy to report that both Allan and Angela found who they were looking for, so the first round was a solid success!

Jordan even gave lucky morning people a tour of the much-anticipated new WELD co-working space which launched on May 11th.


If you didn’t get a chance to see it, be sure to catch Jordan’s talk online. He shared his own humble beginnings in California (which involved a banana suit and failing at surfing), his journey back to Texas, and ultimately launching WELD Nashville.

WELD believes that community is essential for creative growth and that sharing physical space is vital for providing the encouragement and resources to create our best work, to grow as individuals, and to cultivate meaningful relationships.

“At WELD, we are better served when we serve each other.”

Jordan helped us define and frame out humility and pride, asking us to examine our lives and ask if we view ourselves as an individual or as part of a collective. Pursuing our dreams is a good thing because the world needs our talents, but we also need to balance it with serving others.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Jordan’s parting advice: Surround yourself with good voices, collaborators, and relationships. Realize that your natural gifts are not necessarily intuitive to others. Don’t feel guilty about consuming good things when you’re in a season of constantly producing. Watch what’s on your input side! Fail a lot.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made April our largest gathering yet, and thank you to our sponsors: Frothy Monkey and Jive! We hope to see you all in May for ROBOT with Chris Lee

Blog post by morning person and graphic designer Emily Carlton.