We proudly present our speaker for this months HUMILITY theme, Jeroen Kummer from internationally acclaimed creative office Kummer & Herrman. Jeroen will talk at CreativeMornings/Utrecht at Friday 24th of April.

We don’t want people to look at design but to get into a story, and that story should be enhanced rather than dominated by design.Kummer & Herrman is an internationally acclaimed creative office, founded in 1998 by Arthur Herrman and Jeroen Kummer. With a core-team of six and in collaboration with a wide network of specialists, K&H develops and designs books, exhibitions , online documentaries, campaigns and visual identities for both Dutch and international clients.Kummer & Herrman’s working method is characterized by a strong editorial involvement. K&H “designs stories” as they put it. A story may be specific or temporary, such as an exhibition or campaign, or intended for a longer term or broader application, such as a visual identity. K&H believes that design should do much more than just look good. It should not overpower but enhance the story being told; it should inject it with exactly the right amount of energy to excite, surprise or simply convey a message to the intended audience clearly and concisely.Storytelling starts with listening. And asking questions. Dialogue with the client is essential to the creative process and the outcome. Sometimes this dialogue consists of a one-on-one conversation, sometimes we organise a group brainstorm to uncover the true aim of a project. It is all part of getting under the skin of a story.

Registration opens Monday 10 am: http://creativemornings.com/talks/kummer-herrman