 Sec Pitch, March 20, 2015: Summary & Links

1. Rachel Uwa, http://schoolofma.org

“School of Machines is a uniquely curated school born in Berlin in 2014, keen on inventing one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experiences in the field of Art, Technology and Design. Its founders embrace art, creativity and explore the latest technology with humility and curiosity. The School of Machines is a playground, bootcamp, community center, and lucid dream in equal parts. Learning with a bunch of creative and skilled misfits couldn’t have been more fun.”

2. Eike Dingler, http://www.mauvetype.com

“The Pattern Project is an ornamental type family with patterns. It reintroduces the mesmerizing rhichness of detail from medieval manuscipts in contemporary typography. The Pattern fonts are display typefaces and not intended for small print, but designed to have a distinct graphic impact in large sizes. The Basic Collection is composed of 9 geometric patterns. Due to its generic approach, an iOS Application allows you to design your own patterns and generate fonts with it according to your individual needs.”