My Dear Friends,

As of Feb 27th I’ll be stepping down as the MTL host.

The past 2 years (21 events) have been amazing and have given me something I never expected when this adventure began. I have tried to express it at times, but truthfully it has simply made my heart larger.

This inspiring global conversation has taken root in our city, and having played a lead role in that, I count myself as very lucky. We started as a small group meeting for a drink at Laïka, and ended up with a community of almost 2,000 of Montréal’s most interesting people. I have loved everything we’ve built and feel that it is at its absolute best right now. I hope I have made you proud. I have made myself proud.

I’m very happy to announce that Louis-Félix Binette will be taking over as our Montréal host. He has worked closely with me since the beginning, and I have the utmost admiration for him. Those that have the pleasure of knowing Félix understand how truly inspired and committed he is to CreativeMornings, Montréal, the ideals of fostering a community, and shining a strong light on the path for us all. He is a perfect fit and he will do a fantastic job.

I would like to offer profound thanks to my amazing MTL team who have become lifelong friends, the HQ team in NYC, and everyone who has encouraged me over the past 2 years. It’s easy to forget that this wonderful collaboration is entirely run by volunteers — who donate their time, creative energy and passion to making this happen for us all. I’d like to say a special thank you to Tina Roth Eisenberg who has changed my life. She’s taught me to share what you love and let it grow, and as I have told her ‘I owe you big time buddy!’.

I’m sure you might be asking why, and it’s for positive reasons. It comes down to my family (being more involved in my daughter’s school) and stepping up to help run Plank this year. While it is simply time to pass the torch, I also get the sneaking suspicion that I’ll never be able to truly end my CreativeMornings endeavours. 

I’ll leave it there before I get too mushy.

Steve Bissonnette
, CreativeMornings/Montréal Host.