In our last CreativeMornings session it was all about saying yes to chances!

In November, Instagrammer & mobile photographer Marion Vicenta Payr inspired us with 5 life lessons she made on Instagram:


But Instagram is more than just a fun app to show beautiful things. It’s a useful tool for brands to reach their audience and tell their stories through others, that have a standing for a certain topic.

Marion alias @ladyvenom has been collaborating with a couple of brands in the fashion and automotive industry, and experienced that many brands still don’t really know how to use this photo sharing app.

Out of her experience, she summed up these 5 tips for brands to be ready for Instagram:

The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not posting for yourself but for your target group. So don't just post what you want to say but also think about what they want to here. 

Storytelling. One thing, that we should do before starting any activities, is to develop a content strategy that tells a story and touches fields and areas our target audience is interested in. Also think about seasonal events that you can use for telling a story to your customers.

But don't get blinded by the numbers! Some accounts may have big numbers of followers, but think twice, if  those are relevant for you.

Also pay attention to your numbers and use tools like iconosquare for analysis and to see which hashtags work for you.

If you make a campaign don't just post it onto your account. We don't just wanna tell our story ourselves. To build up credibility and reach our target group, we should work with influencers to create native advertising. The right influencers can make us reach our audience where they are already present and make them listen up. 


Words by Alice Katter

Graphics by Eva Bertalan