Sponsor Spotlight: Lunar Lincoln Tells Us What's Up with the Name

Why we develop, design, and create
LunarLincoln was founded in 2013 by Vanderbilt graduates Jonathan Wiley and Jennifer Bennett. With backgrounds in mobile development and graphic design - LunarLincoln was an obvious extension of our combined powers. And with our powers combined we are….captain planet! Just kidding, we are a team that can build anything we imagine. No bosses. No four-hour conference calls. No limits to creativity. First thing we built? A solution to the ugly iPhone 5c cases (which was a hot topic at that time - and a kind of lightbulb idea for us).We built CaseCollage in two weeks. We learned a ton about initial planning, iterating while you work, and the importance of user testing. We learned about the frustrating app store rejection process and how to market an app to the right people. We learned how to celebrate when we were featured on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and Engadget and when we received over 100,000 views on our Youtube video. We also learned that an app made for a tiiiiny percentage of iPhone users does not make you billionaires overnight. Try hundred-aires. We loved the whole process. Currently, we love bringing our expertise and industry knowledge to others who have this same passion. We work with clients ranging from small start-ups to large corporations - locally and nationally. We are continually amazed by their interesting ideas and challenging needs. Just like Lincoln and those early space pioneers - everyday we are striving to build a new future.

What’s up with the name?
We combined a bit of each of us into the name. Wiley has always been fascinated with space and rockets and Jennifer with history. A respect and admiration for both the past and future exists within our company. Lincoln dared to think of a radically different future for our nation, and NASA carried this future even further sending us to the moon. Why not apply these creative thinkers to our own creative endeavor. (Plus imagining alternate futures where Lincoln was not assassinated but escaped to the moon to set up his idealistic space commune is also pretty fun. Sitting there in his moonbase log cabin, looking down on us, we always ask ourselves - WWLD - What would Lincoln do?)

Many thanks to Lunar Lincoln for their sponsorship in December, and to Jennifer Bennett for this fantastic introduction!