Introducing our November speaker - Danilo Acquisto.

Creative Mornings Cape Town sat down with Danilo to find out a little more about what inspires him. To learn even more about Danilo and the work he is doing, join us at the Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts for Creative Mornings Cape Town: Chance , November 21, 2014 at 8.30 a.m.


Creative Mornings Cape Town: This month’s theme is “Chance.” What does chance mean to you?

Danilo: Gosh! Chance means far too many things to me in far too many circumstances… When I approach a girl and she says “Fat Chance!”, when my mother says “leave it up to chance”, or when a friend says “…Any chance you can pick me up?” But,ultimately, chance led me to where I am today. I call it God, you might call it chance, but a completely random set of circumstances and minute decisions led me to where I am and there is no chance I could have planned this route…. Or was there?!

CMCT: If you had to choose between tv and radio, and could only do one for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

Danilo: That’s like a parent having to choose a favourite child!! I think if it were a life and death circumstance, I would have to choose TV, because in the digital age, we are finding it increasingly more difficult to capture people’s attention and get them to truly understand our meaning. With television I am able to use my body, my voice, pauses and tones to keep you engaged with what I am saying. It leaves far more room for personal impact than radio. I do, however, make this decision assuming I still have a face for TV in 70 years!!

CMCT: What do you do purely for fun?

Danilo: To be honest, being on TV and radio is “pure fun” - I get paid to entertain! Other than the things that I do for fun that pay me, I love spending time outdoors or adventuring. Exploring new restaurants, new activities, (when I can afford to) traveling overseas…. All-in-all, broadening my horizons and opening my mind to what is out there. [I love to] experience someone else’s dream, someone else’s reality. As much as I hate beer, having a sit down with mates over a beer is indescribably good.

CMCT: How do you keep your creative juices flowing?

Danilo: To be honest, I don’t know how I do it (or even IF I do it at all). I’m too ADD to apply my mind to one task over a long period. I have to change things up as soon as possible to avoid boredom. I also allow myself to be inspired by other people, as opposed to letting their success intimidate me. The creativity comes in the challenges and not in doing what you know how to do. So, I guess I keep my creative juices flowing by challenging myself and learning as much as I can.

CMCT: What is your favorite thing about Cape Town?

Danilo: Well besides the simple fact that I can breathe the air (unlike JHB where I grew up), Cape Town has this fantastic energy for exploration and innovation. People here are not afraid to be aggressively themselves and to blaze trails that never existed before. I always describe it as this “hum” - it’s this machine that moves ever so slowly, but, boy, does it move! I also love, as a creative, the fact that I can get in my car and on my way home from work witness the most spectacular selfie moments (and views!). For creatives, being able to step outside and view nature is something awesome. I am never bored of driving along towards Camps Bay during sunset over the ocean - it’s life giving!

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