You know you’re doing something right when, merely a month into your existence, you start receiving such inspired fan mail. We take the liberty to publish this letter to John Mike, our June speaker, unedited. Enjoy!

Hey John Mike,

What a talk you gave us Friday at CreativeMornings/Montreal! Thank you for being you, shining at your best. You say you’re just a 26-year-old kid, but you’re showing us the way.

I guess you’re right: We humans seem to have lost sight of how to make the best of hearts, guts and brains… Not just in the kitchen, but in life as well! Dropping cells and watches at the door — what a nice present. Thank you for teaching us the art of presence… Keep running, John Mike, keep running… May Tripes & Caviar joints and events pop up all over…


Tripes & Caviar food club = Offals + cocktails – cellphones – watches. Private underground culinary events. Register way ahead of time: first come, first served.  An “anti-foodie” vision of food consumption. 

Folks, Beware! T&C is Contagious…

In his recent book “Contagious”, Jonah Gerger spells out the recipe for making an idea, well, contagious… It struck me Friday morning that had you not been so busy in the kitchen over the last few months, you could have written the book yourself!

Keep pissing off the foodies, keep it underground. We want to live the T&C experience to its fullest; we want to broadcast the story virally. John Mike, how ‘bout you give Jonah a call? I have a feeling he’d love to make your viral T&C story even more contagious. We’ll keep on telling that story, John Mike, we’ll keep on telling it…

T&C, Watch your Footprint

With Richard Branson launching Plan B, a global initiative for businesses to do away with for-profit-only thinking and shoot for the Profit/People/Planet triad instead, I need to ask you this: How is T&C making our world a better place? Maybe some red-shoed freakonomist could help us here (yes, a subtle reference to our beloved CreativeMornings/Montreal promoters…). How could we crack the math of the cost-benefit analysis? Well, let’s give it a try…

If every omnivore switched some of their weekly filet intake to hearts, guts and brains, wouldn’t:  
a) overall waste be less; and
b) fewer cows go to the slaughterhouse, ceteris paribus?

Your anti-marketing tag line could then evolve into: “Guts in the plates, cows in the fields…” A bit cheesy, perhaps… I’m not totally satisfied; so let’s push the math further.

With less livestock to feed, more food can be grown for humans, and famine can start to be eradicated… Now we’re getting closer. How about: “It takes guts to save a life, the choice is yours, now!” Recess—let’s take a break.

It’s time for easier math: Lighting up T&C events with candles and turning away the cells, watches and tablets at the door, how much wattage would be saved if electronics were switched off at 8 p.m. in every household? Plus, more importantly: Every electronic disconnection has the potential to re-spark a real human connection. How do we then measure the average incremental increase in joy and happiness? There we go, now: “Switch off the lights, light up the hearts, feel it in the guts”. Feeling lighter now? Liking it more? The sky’s the limit…

Want a refill? Do you really want to take us higher with T&C in the skies? How will you then stay grounded, setting up your T&C tables in the jets? Let’s dance: How about following the steps of Blake Mycoskie’s Toms Shoes (thank you C2-MTL for inviting Blake to our beautiful city of Montreal). One pair sold, one pair given to the shoeless. One T&C event set in the jets, one T&C event for the homeless? Keep dancing, John Mike, keep dancing…

But John Mike, Tell Me Y?

And then, John Mike, comes the Grande Finale: Tell us why? Why do you do what you do? What makes you wake up in the morning?

Not unlike our CreativeMornings, T&C is both the magic and the circus where the magic happens, a place in time and space where eyes meet, hearts resonate, souls mate. I live for that moment, you live for that moment, we all live for that moment— thank you, CreativeMornings and T&C, for the beautiful present you make us live in. Is that it, then?

What’s your destination? What matters most: Vladivostok or the Trans-Siberian ride? You don’t know, you said, you’re just a kid. Well, thank you for your honest and beautiful answer. Rilke invites us to not worry too much about the answers, but creative minds risk turning into wanderers. The time has come to find a sense of direction. “Why” matters, so we can take action.

I find myself sharing my “John Mike Pollock” dessert with a circus artistic director, and I wonder: “Why?” Because “what” and “how” are secondary to “why”, as Simon Sinek put it at TED. Check it out, John Mike, check it out… The Director would agree, enchanted, and then asked me: “Why?” Because, she said, every now and then, in life, comes a Y. Take a left, take a right; make it right, life will never be the same again. This is why you need to find out “why”, John Mike. And if you want to find out more about Y, let’s meet in New York on August 21st for the one-time only Y show, from AcroArts productions. Let the magic begin: This is why, this is “Y”. Find out “why”, John Mike, check out “Y”

CreativeMornings: “TED for the rest of us”? Is spreading “ideas worth spreading” useful or pointless? Time to connect. Time to act. Watery eyes shining. Glowing hearts warming up. Tickling in the guts. Let’s do it. Now.

Merci Jean Michel. 

Dominique (Twitter, LinkedIn)
It’s only the beginning…