In June, CreativeMornings’ global theme was “Minimal”. The theme was chosen by our organizer Rene Sørensen and the CreativeMornings/Aarhus team, while the Illustration is by Andrew Neyer. You can also read more about the theme on CreativeMornings’ blog post.The CreativeMornings/Portland speaker was Mara Zepeda, the co-founder of Switchboard, a community-building marketplace used by Portland startups, the women’s cycling network, the Portland Meat Collective (whose Founder, Camas Davis, gave a talk last August), and Willamette University, in addition to many other groups that want to help each other out and solve problems. Switchboard was part of Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland Incubator Experiment and was profoundly influenced by Portland’s artists, makers, and culture.

You’ll find Mara’s talk on our chapter page!