CreativeMornings /Auckland with Trash Footwear
Friday 22 March, 8:00am - 9:30am
Sitka Flagship Store (limited to 50*)

This month we are lucky enough this dynamic duo all the way up from Raglan, Ben Galloway & Melissa McMahon from Trash Footwear present on the global theme of “Reuse”.

“Imagine if they closed all the rubbish dumps tomorrow?”

Well we have, and have been building Trash Footwear with this thought in mind!

Trash Footwear is a brand that aims to inform people of the massive potential of ‘waste’ materials that would ordinarily end up in landfill; in the process questioning why we create something called ‘waste’ in the first place! Our range of footwear is made largely from locally sourced on-going waste streams, and it is through the collection of these materials that we have begun to see the many others ways in which we can transform this so-called ‘rubbish’ into *rather fancy* yet functional items! Resources are running low in this world, but rubbish isn’t!

All that is needed now is an effective and creative way of collecting, distributing and repurposing these abundant materials… maybe one that could help bridge the gap between business and community?

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