Meet our Speaker, Wake Up Call Performer, and a Special #CMPromise Theme Introduction

This month, we excited to bring three creatives to our event! 

Our Speaker

Cirilo Manego is a partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Black with No Chaser. Known in the digital communications industry as a noteworthy visionary and an advocate for access to affordable healthcare access for millions of Americans, Cirilo works behind the scenes on issues such as gun violence prevention, criminal justice transformation, and ending cash bail while centering joy as a form of resistance to racism and oppression.

Wake Up Call Performer

Presented by our culture partners at Little Salon DC, Dominic Anthony Green is a multi-disciplinary artist and storyteller from Maryland currently focused on film, photography, and playwriting.

Special Theme Introduction

This month’s theme will be introduced Barrett Holmes Pitner, the Founder and Philosopher-in-Chief of The Sustainable Culture Lab, a cultural think tank based in Washington, D.C.