Alina Celeste Hevia is an educator and fellow at the Jubilation Foundation and musician and creator at Her talk was about children and how they learn about their human connection to the world around us through animals and plants. She also brought her ukulele and a little music moment to our morning with a song called “If I Had A Rooster”.

Britt Hankins is a Logan Square resident and an SEO analyst at VMLY&R, and she shared what she’s been doing to bring nature into her orbit during quarantine. Through her talk about the little ways to find nature in your day and space, she helped us reframe what “connecting with nature” can mean. Her top tips: fresh air, plants, pets, and biking!

Ozzy Gámez is a plant extraordinaire and a co-founder of The Plant Shop on Elston. He talked about how his passion for plants developed in his home country of Belize and how he brought that influence to Chicago - and we’re so grateful he did! We learned of the therapeutic effects of plants, and the way they shaped his life growing up alongside clear waterfalls, lush leaves, and his grandfather’s farm. He also brought a few do’s and dont’s on raising plants. With Ozzy’s help, Chicago will soon become a jungle of houseplants!

  • DO give them quality sunlight, let them breathe, learn about their home climates and find the right spot in your home for them.
  • DON’T over-pot, over-water, or put them through too many changes.

Digital Illustrator* Kiyomi Negi-Tran (@letskeepdrawing) created beautiful live sketches as Alina Celeste, Britt, and Ozzy presented to our audience.