Our global theme for December is BIOPHILIA. It was chosen by our Dusseldorf chapter, illustrated by Lara Paulussen, and is presented by our newest Global Partner Skillshare! 

Share your love for all livings things with the hashtags #CMbiophilia & #CMATX

Commune with nature.  Bring the outdoors in.

Coined in the 1960s by Erich Fromm, “biophilia” refers to a beautiful idea: Whether it’s a human, an animal, a plant, or in the wild, humans have an innate desire and instinct to want to connect with nature and other living systems.

The increasing hum of busy neighborhoods and cities, heavy traffic, and superficial reading on our devices can numb our natural senses. However, even in the most urban environments, we express our biophilia by placing a newly potted plant in the corner or allowing greenery to grow organically up concrete walls.

Every day, we have the opportunity to grow into relentless stewards and protectors of our living environments, and not just lovers and beneficiaries of it all. Together, we exist. CreativeMornings/Buffalo speaker Missy Singer DuMars aptly said, “The nature around us is the nature within us.”