Earlier this month in January, Creative Mornings Portland hosted G Cody QJ Goldberg, the Executive Director of Harper’s Playground, the first totally inclusive playground in Portland. Goldberg reflects on how he and his wife, April, raised $1.2 million in just two years without an ounce of fundraising experience while touching on lessons learned about collaboration, design and politics. He weaves lessons learned in his own childhood with dreams of creating a better childhood for his own children and more. He will also explain the GQ&J in his name.Thanks to 52 LimitedCitizen, Inc. and Pro Photo Supply for sponsoring the event, the Portland Development Commission for hosting, and Michael Calcagno of Calcagno Media and Jason de Parrie-Turner of Heliorana Filmworks for shooting the video.Remember to submit your favorite quote from Cody’s talk at: http://creativemornings.com/talks/g-cody-qj-goldberg