August 2020: Nathan Hall on stress

Stress is a response. Something happens – a looming deadline, an unexpected setback, an argument with a friend – and we respond with stress.

Sometimes this response is good. We get the adrenaline we need to push through to achieve goals that we might previously thought impossible.

More often than not, though, this response is less than favourable. We lose sleep, start to eat worse and just generally feel a sense of dread with which most everyone associates with stress.

But within that gap – between stimulus and response – there is considerable opportunity to create.

The August 2020 CreativeMornings Ottawa event will feature a talk from someone who is no stranger to the world of stress and creativity.

Nathan Hall is the CEO of Simple Story, an award-winning, video marketing agency. In his role, he works with many brands and corporations of all sizes from around the world - helping them realize the power that video and storytelling has on their business.

On August 28, he will explore this month’s global CreativeMornings theme of stress and discuss the role stress plays in creativity as well as oppression and racism in the business and creative worlds in Canada.

This month, we’re also excited to welcome a performance from Ottawa singer-songwriter Nambi (formerly known as Rita Carter).

Tenacious, and achingly pure, Nambi is a powerhouse of acoustic soul. A beloved fixture in her hometown of Ottawa, she balances her music career leading workshops, organizing community events and being a mom to two young boys. At the heart of Nambi’s music lies an inextinguishable belief in compassion, and a tireless quest for peace.

As has been the case for the past several months, August’s event will be hosted online.

To register, click here! Tickets will be available starting on August 21 at 11 a.m.