It goes without saying that the world, is suffering for a serious case of Zoom Fatigue (amongst other things).

We at CreativeMornings, our on a never-ending quest to bring you the best creative talent that our city has to offer and so we have been brainstorming ways to continue to do so. Together, we’ve been thinking… well… creatively I suppose.

So say goodbye to the usual format of CreativeMornings and say hello to the CreativeMornings Breakfast Show. 

Each month, we’ll be going live on YouTube and interviewing some of Belfast’s biggest and best creative talents. Gone will be the logging on to Zoom and the pressure of turning your cameras on. All you need to do is tune in, sit back and listen in. As part of our original format, we ran things like the 30-second pitches. We’ll be doing this again, but instead, we’ll read them out on camera so you don’t have to. You can let us know what it is to promote and we’ll take care of the rest.

So put it in your diaries. We’re going live on YouTube at 08:30 GMT for our first CreativeMornings Breakfast Show. We’ll be interviewing Mr Glenn Patterson, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and one of Belfast’s most famous writers of recent times. Stay tuned for updates on all the usual channels and take care.