CreativeMornings Ottawa, July 2020: Underdog with Sheena Brady of Tease Tea

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? The times when we’ve felt down and out, running against the tides and generally had the odds stacked against us.

This month, CreativeMornings will be celebrating the long shots, dark horses and the sleepers with our focus on this month’s theme, underdog.

To mark the occasion, CreativeMornings Ottawa will be welcoming Sheena Brady for a virtual session on July 24, 2020 to explore her experience as an underdog.

Sheena is the founder and CEO of Tease Tea, an all-natural and sustainably sourced loose-leaf tea company based in Ottawa (and a CreativeMornings partner).

“Growing up in a single parent household, if you translated my family history into data points, statistically I should have never gone to college or even graduated high school (fun fact: I did grade 9 math three times),” says Sheena. “However, I not only became the first to do both, I carried an audacity and decided to live by ‘why not me?’ ever since.”

After becoming a certified Tea Sommelier, Sheena fell in love with tea and decided to launch her own tea company. Tease Tea started in 2013 as a side hustle and creative outlet from her demanding career in hospitality.

After realizing a career in hospitality would prevent her from building a successful e-commerce business, Sheena decided to work for Canada’s own e-commerce software, Shopify. From there, she blended teas out of her home while working full-time.

Today, she still works at Shopify in leadership. As a Merchant Success Lead for Shopify Plus. At the same time, she has grown her side hustle into a million-dollar award-winning company that serves customers in over 30 countries around the world.

“I’ve developed a deeply rooted passion for supporting and investing in women from diverse and intersectional backgrounds,” says Sheena. “I want to help you realize your potential. To be audacious. Because, why not you?”

Combining her passion for tea with her desire to empower women and young girls around the world, a portion of the proceeds of every purchase supports programs that are dedicated to empowering women and young girls. From shelters to startups, Tease Tea has contributed over $150,000 in product and financial support to date including what was at first a small program that has since grown into a company of its own, The Founders Fund.

Sheena’s success is the embodiment of the notion of the underdog set out in this month’s CreativeMornings Global theme note.

“When others expect them to lose, underdogs must lean on their self-trust and hard won experiences to envision and fiercely assert new realities,” the note says. “They do not dwell on what’s expected of them, but instead focus on what’s not expected of them.”

You can register for this month’s event on July 17 right here.