CreativeMornings Chicago welcomed April Friendly, speaking on this month’s theme of being Insecure with a talk called, “Re-Imagining What Is Possible.”

“When you trip, your community will lift you back up!”

April  shared with us her background in community organizing and activism, urging us to truly stop and think about what our community can look like  and re-imagine what is possible. “To be liberated, is to be your  human-ass self… keep responding…and when you trip, your community will  lift you back up.” Through poetry, photos, and personal insight, April electrified and motivated attendees to work together for the collective  good, sharing with the audience how organizing works and the causes that  are important to her—ending mass incarceration with The People’s Lobby  in Chicago, Illinois. April is working to abolish systems of injustice.  “People do not belong in cages,” said April, “Jails are petri dishes of  disaster… and [we] need to call out companies that are using inmates as  slave labor.” Instead of being insecure, she asked our community to  have the belief and hope that we can all create something good together.

Graphic by @letskeepdrawing