CreativeMornings Ottawa, June 2020: Insecurity with Lindsay Taub

The creative life is a fearless one. Self-doubt, trepidation and insecurity are the enemies of creativity.

That’s what we’re told – at least when it comes to the advice from most creatives.

On June 26 CreativeMornings Ottawa will welcome Lindsay Taub, an entrepreneur, foodie, wife and mom of two, who will offer a different take.

Lindsay will deliver a talk called “Insecurity breeds creativity”. She will use her own experiences to show everyone that the insecurity that many face with starting something new – whether it be starting a business or writing a novel – can help fuel us to achieve our creative goals.

Lindsay is the owner of Sundae School, Ottawa’s coolest spot for creamy treats. She used to be a psychotherapist, but now she chooses to help people with something even more therapeutic than therapy: ice cream. She believes in the healing power of sweet dairy (and non dairy) treats and loves being a delicious part of her community.

The June 26 talk – again held virtually as CreativeMornings respects physical distancing measures to combat COVID-19 – will feature all the hallmarks of CreativeMornings Ottawa events: Coffee, friendship and laughter.

Lindsay is also an active member of her community and supports various organizations such as The Ottawa Hospital Foundation and the Sandy Hill synagogue and community centre. It’s all part of a community-minded philosophy that she and her husband have formulated: They’ve resolved that they have a responsibility to make Ottawa a better place.

What if everyone in Ottawa, everyone who cares about making Ottawa better, felt a responsibility to improve the city and were able to overcome their own insecurities. What would that look like?

As this month’s theme note from CreativeMornings global notes:

“Ignite a small dose of your courage and fiercely protect its flame. Commit to breaking one limiting belief at a time. With good work and focus, you’ll soon be able to spread your wings and fly higher.”

Tickets for the Ottawa event can be found here.