May Community Minutes

1/ Jim McCarthy-Cheung

If you need someone to help you get started with Mailchimp, CM London team member and email marketing specialist @jm_mccrthy is here to lend a hand with top tips, general advice and more. Get in touch with him directly for a chat.

2/ James Kite

Hello CM family,

As part of my Find Enlight Project, I am offering an ear, deep listening and conversation / interesting questions to anyone who wants to share their lockdown experience & we will be collecting this into an online magazine.

Get in touch, if you want to share stories, animate or just say hi & find out about other projects we have going. 

Insta @find.enlight / email: find.enlight[at]

3/ Francesca Elisia, Creative Spirit Circle

@francescaelisia​ & @creativespiritcircle

Hello, I’m an artist, therapist & coach. I offer a free online course with 30 days of journal prompts.

Insight - 30 days of journaling to explore your creativity, desires, passions and purpose

Take a look and sign-up here:

More info about coaching and other programs here:

4/ Freeborn yoga on Sundays

Freeborn yoga, Sundays 6 - 7pm on Zoom. DM @freebornlive on Instagram for the link!

5/ Conscious isolation

Free online series of exhibitions and artist talks – follow @consciousisolation for free tutorials to art students who have lost access to their educations institutions on Wednesdays 4 - 6pm.