Handicrafts are rooted in the history and culture of this region and show our identity and originality well. Reviving these industries and keeping alive the sometimes forgotten arts is a goal that we are pursuing in Sarzamin Javid Marshanan Company, and by launching the Deh Bazaar site in 2016, we have taken stronger and more solid steps to achieve it.
At this company, we strive to support art centers and small home workshops by supporting them in teaching raw materials and selling their products, creating jobs and earning money for people who are into the arts. Iranians are interested in providing. Due to this issue, we have always considered some golden principles as the most important principles of our work, the most important of which include paying attention to the demands and needs of customers, as well as supporting artists in presenting their products and products.
We have considered these principles in three general sections and separately, which are:
Part One: Training
Our mission in education is to hold workshops and training courses for all those who want to generate a decent income through the handicrafts and art of their ancestors. These workshops are held in person, offline and online to provide training to all compatriots anywhere in the world.
Therefore, it is possible for people to participate in these workshops at any time, and in any economic situation, especially those supported by the Relief and Welfare Committee. Fortunately, by teaching handicrafts such as embroidery, enameling, turquoise, tapestry, copper utensils, leather products, engraving, wood products, knitting and non-knitting, pottery and jewelry to these people, it provides them with income and financial independence. We have.
Section 2: Supply of raw materials
Making any kind of handicrafts and arts requires special raw materials and equipment. The Deh Bazaar website has paved the way for its students to continue their work at the lowest possible cost without the hassle of worrying about it.
Leather, wood, copper and utensils required for engraving, enameling and inlay work, yarn, fabric, yarn, pottery wheels, tools and any other equipment and materials needed to produce these industries are made available to art lovers. So that they can have everything they need for their work in one place and in bulk.
Section 3: Sales
We will accompany our dear friends and students to the last stage, namely recognizing the market, showing and selling their products. Teaching new marketing techniques and methods, helping to sell products and offering a variety of Iranian handicrafts and handmade products to anywhere in the world, are other steps that we take in the direction of our goals to play a useful and capable role. Pay attention to entrepreneurship, supply of completely Iranian products and resistance economy.
One of the positive points of our activity is creating diversity in products and responding to all tastes, which has helped to increase the number of visitors to the site every day with God’s help. We hope that with the flourishing of students’ talents, we will see an increase in their financial strength as well as their self-confidence and family income, and we will continue to pursue this goal.