We’re all doing our part to ensure the survival of businesses and life as we know it during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Never before have we seen anything like it, and by that, we don’t mean the pandemic itself… we mean the sense of togetherness that the world is showing. It really does illustrate that we are all one and we are all in this together.

After our first event, we were inspired by the sheer amount of people who wanted to log on, tune in and join us for our first ever CreativeMornings Belfast event. A truly humbling experience and proof that the world really is smaller than we think.

CreativeMornings couldn’t happen without the help and support from our excellent partners and sponsors both on a global and local level. So, we wanted to share with you some of the amazing work that they’re doing in response to the outbreak.

Big Motive
Big Motive has been working with the Department of Health (Northern Ireland) and international software development company, Civica to design the a Covid-19 service for people in Northern Ireland. The first iteration of this service is an app that was launched at the beginning of April and to date has received around 45,000 downloads across both iOS and Android.

The app, which is designed to provide guidance on the symptoms of the coronavirus infection aims to support individuals to identify whether they might potentially have the infection. It also provides users with advice on what actions they should take if they suspect they have contracted Covid-19.

Being delivered at unparalleled speed, the app was conceived, designed, tested, built and launched within two weeks.

Big Motive has also designed a web-based version of the symptom checker and advice service for wider reach and accessibility that will be launched within the next week.

Amazing work by everyone involved in the creation of this vital piece of technology for the people of Northern Ireland, especially to our partners at Big Motive.

The Pocket Coffee
The Hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard throughout the outbreak. Cafes, pubs, restaurants and even hotels have been completely closed and locked down. In spite of this, many local businesses are doing their part in the fight against and no more than our partners at The Pocket.

Every morning between 08:30 & 11:00, The Pocket are open, with social distancing being enforced and are providing free coffee to those who are working on the frontline including all NHS staff, police and fire services.

The owner of the shops said, “We feel so powerless to help right now so we are doing this as our little way to say thank you for everything they are doing for us right now.”

Another business form that has been hit hard during the pandemic is co-working spaces. Given that our location partner, Clockwise is in this category, they have had to rethink how they provide the best service possible for their tenants during the lockdown.

  • Some of the awesome things that they’re doing are providing call forwarding/answering services for their tenants working from home
  • Offering rent relief in the form of a free month for May and payment deferral for April
  • Providing all members with a dedicated member of the Clockwise Team
  • Running weekly check in’s with each member to see how each of them and their families are coping doing the lockdown
  • Creating a virtual community with a range of social and practical events including; support workshops via Zoom (called Tick Talks), virtual pub quizzes and exercise with nutrition classes.
  • Continuing to run their “Tenant of the Month” providing spot prizes in the form of e.vouchers.

It’s at times like this, where the power of community really needs to shine through and our wonderful partners at Clockwise are leading the charge.