This month’s theme is Purpose – the bright light that can exist in different sizes and dimensions, separately, or even all at once. During this time, we’ve been thinking about our own beliefs and purpose at CreativeMornings/San Francisco. A place where connections are encouraged with one another, where friendship, love, and creativity are at the core. We are a house of experimentation with open doors to amplify your deepest creative projects, a space for you to stand up and share your story. We welcome all of you and believe that there are sparks of creativity in each of us.With that said, we are opening up our CreativeMornings space virtually for you to either teach us a new skill, read some poems you’ve written, or show us that dance routine you’ve perfected. Here is your opportunity to lead a FieldTrip, give a talk, or be featured in our Creative Spotlight – send us a note and let’s collaborate.Your purpose is made up of both the literal and the abstract, and its power is unmistakable. Those moments, memories, ideas, and conversations that you find yourself circling back to, with great fondness, make up the fabric of your purpose. Our Indianapolis chapter chose this month’s exploration of Purpose and Jason Ratliff illustrated the theme.