[CANCELLED] CreativeMornings Ottawa March 2020: Identity, with Nick Lacelle of Dan Rascal

If you had to describe your identity – the qualities, characteristics and attributes that make you, you – what would you say?

Some might describe their core values: Honesty. Integrity. Fun.

Others might focus on their physical appearance. After all, there’s nothing more unique to each of us than our faces and bodies.

In other cases, identity is wrapped up in activity – closely tying it to the jobs, family time and leisure activities that dominate our days.

This notion of identity will be the core focus on Friday, March 20, when CreativeMornings Ottawa will host filmmaker and entrepreneur Nick Lacelle for a talk on this month’s theme of identity.

Nick’s public-facing identity is closely tied with the notion of creativity, thanks to 20 years of industry experience in film and television. From working as a director and cinematographer on feature films, including projects for Netflix and HBO Canada, to working in television for MTV and Comedy Network, to name a few, Nick has dedicated himself to pushing cinematic boundaries, obsessed with achieving the most out of every production.

In his talk, Nick will discuss the importance of knowing your brand’s character and identity while exploring the notion of “personified branding.”

He’ll also examine how he helps translate brands into characters in his work as partner and Creative Director with Dan Rascal, a video production company specializing in high-end video and video content strategies for brands and other agencies.

Nick will also discuss the role of identity has played in his career and how it impacts the creative process, creative pitfalls and the “get out of jail free” card that is “doing what you love”.

“Your identity is made up of multitudes — the stories you carry, the music you love, the challenges you overcome, the books you read, the communities you’re a part of, and more,” reads this month’s theme announcement from CreativeMornings HQ.

“But your identity is a colorful blend of not only what you consume or create, but also the questions you ask and what you’re willing to learn.”

How will your notion of identity affect your creative process?

CreativeMornings Ottawa is delighted to invite you to hear from Nick and gather with other local creatives on March 20.

Free tickets will become available on March 13 here.

And please follow along with us using the hashtags #CMidentity and #CMOttawa.

See you there!