CreativeMornings Ottawa February 2020: Invest, with Josh McJannett of Dominion City Brewing Co.

When most people think of investment, they think of finances: Investing in the stock market or buying into a mutual fund or purchasing a Canada Savings Bond. Whatever the means, though, the goal is always the same – to create a better future for ourselves.

What we don’t think about as much is investment in our creativity. The means might be different – think of trading in a stock for choosing to read a book or attend an event – but the idea is similar: By investing our time and energy in the right activities, we can become more creative.

On February 28, 2020 CreativeMornings Ottawa will host local entrepreneur Josh McJannett, the co-founder of Dominion City Brewing Co. at the Ottawa Art Gallery for a talk on the theme of invest.

Dominion City has, over the last five years, built a reputation for investing – both in brewing quality beer and investing in its community.

In 2018, for example, Dominion City introduced “Buck-A-Beer (For refugees in Ottawa)”. The program turned a government incentive to brew beer that only cost consumers a dollar into a fundraiser for refugees in Ottawa.

Dominion City has shown that investing in your community can produce big results. But so too does investing in our creativity.

Every decision we make – every day – is an investment for or against our creativity. Choosing to spend our time picking up a new hobby or joining a certain community can pay big dividends for our creative efforts.

“Wise investing requires patience and awareness,” says this month’s note from CreativeMornings global.

“It’s an art that combines our knowledge from past experiences with future aspirations to inform where we’ll put our energy and our heart. To live a sustainable creative life requires us to say ‘yes’ to the choices that bring richness into our lives, even when it seems risky.”

How will your investment in yourself build a better creative future for creativity?

CreativeMornings Ottawa is thrilled to welcome you to hear more from Josh’s journey of investment with Dominion City. We hope you’ll join us!

Free tickets will go live on February 21 here.

And, of course, you can follow along with this month’s theme using February’s hashtags: #CMInvest and #CMottawa