Insert: Cheesy instagrammable phrase about new beginnings and 20-20 vision. 
Hello lovely people. We’re back for another year of CreativeMornings. 

Our monthly theme is ROOTS and it was chosen by CreativeMorningsQuebec - “Courageous, creative work begins below the ground.” Illustrated by Felix Girard - Artiste et illustrateur. 

Here in Leamington, we’re off to flyer - teaming up with the amazing Interactive Futures Conference to bring you a talk from The Oliver Twins on the 31st Jan. 

Philip and Andrew rose to fame as the ‘Oliver Twins’ in the 1980s when they developed the ‘Simulator’ series and ‘Dizzy’ games which became one of the most famous video game characters of the 1980s. Guinness World Records awarded them “Most Prolific 8 Bit Videogame Developers” since they developed an amazing 25 Amstrad games, 17 Spectrum games & 11 NES games – 26 of those became #1 bestsellers generating around five million sales, and at one point representing over 15% of all UK games sales. They founded Blitz Games in 1990 and built it into one of the largest and most successful UK Game development Studios. Helping establish their Base of Leamington Spa as one of the most respected game development areas in the world.