Welcome to a new decade of CreativeMornings Ottawa!

We ended 2019 on a super high note thanks to our incredible community, and we are continuing the trend into 2020. We hope you’ll join us!

We’re starting off the year with a well-known community member, activist, DJ and artist to speak on this month’s global theme—Roots.

Ian Campeau, also known as DJ NDN and Migizi Bebaayaad, is the co-founder and former member of the music group A Tribe Called Red (ATCR). Through a powerful combination of art and activism, he uses his notoriety to draw attention to issues of racism, gender-based violence, stigmas of mental health, and other forms of oppression.

In this talk, Ian will teach us the importance of reconnecting with our roots and how the reclamation of traditional language is essential to understanding Indigenous culture.

Anishinaabe from the Nipissing First Nation, he is a charismatic, impassioned speaker, who promotes discussion and sharing of knowledge to help bring about change.

We cannot wait to hear his talk!

Free tickets will go live on January 23 here: https://creativemornings.com/talks/ian-campeau/

See you on January 31 at the Ottawa Art Gallery!