December’s Theme is Silence.


Our Montevideo chapter chose this month’s exploration of Silence and Dani Scharf illustrated the theme. 

As the end of the year draws near, life can get humorously hectic. We rush to finish up projects, try to squeeze in appointments with loved ones, and can easily lose track of ourselves in the process.

Is this inevitable? Or can we find ways to ground ourselves amid all the chaos? In this busy season, create moments of stillness where you can.

When silence is intentional, it is valuable and restorative. It brings us back to our senses and is essential to our holistic well-being. Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton defines quiet as a ‘presence’ and ‘think tank of the soul.’ Silence is a powerful tool that allows us to take a step back from the atmosphere around us and realign with our intentions, our hopes, and ourselves.

This December, set aside time to tune out the noise. You can go for a walk outdoors, find a cozy corner, or simply close your eyes. The magic of silence is that we can access it wherever we are.
Your beacon is the light that blazes within you, a signal made up of your values, dreams, and priorities. 

Shine your light. Ask for help and let go of the idea that you have to make a perfect choice. You may feel lost, but you are not alone. 




For this month’s event we’ve Ti Chang, industrial designer passionate about designing for women. She is the co-founder of design-centric luxury vibrator company Crave ( the leading brand for women’s pleasure found in mainstream retail stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, the Standard hotel, and Goop. Ti leads the concept and design for the company’s full line of products which has won numerous awards including Red Dot, IDEA, and Good Design. She has been featured in Playboy, Fortune, Huffington Post, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and many more.

“Silence is where shame and stigma thrive.”

Ti shared with us the importance of designing products that are thoughtful, inclusive and statically beautiful. As a creative thinker, Ti believes that “design activism” is the way of breaking the silence three-dimensionally, through products that make a statements in the market and advocate for women design & pleasure.

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For the past three months we’ve be collaborating with In/Visible Talks, a conference for creative professionals that celebrates the art of design.

As part of this month’s theme Dava Guthmiller and Arianna Orland curated A Guide to Finding Silence in the City, with more than 25 spots in San Francisco where silence can be found – including a swing in the trees of Bernal Heights.


Download the digital version

Join In/Visible Talks on their 3rd annual event that will be packed with 15+ speakers including Jennifer Morla, Indhira Rojas, JD Beltran, and Jerome Harris who will share the behind the scenes of how design gets done. Attendees will also receive passes to The Museum of Craft and Design, The Exploratorium After Dark and much more. Joins on January 16, 2020 to spark your inspiration and connect with a multi-disciplinary creative community. Get 10% off your tickets with the code “MORNINGS2020”

Photos by Ben Conde.